Twilight Dolls - Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice

Twilight Dolls - Get Your Own Edward, Bella or Jacob Doll

With the outstanding success of the Twilight books and movies, all sorts of merchandise has become available to tantalize Twilight devotees. One item that has been released quite recently are Twilight dolls. These dolls serve two purposes. They can be simple toys to live out Twilight fantasies and role play various scenes from the movies/books. Or they can be kept in their wrappers and saved as a collectible. Although there are sure to be many of these dolls produced, collecting and keeping them in mint condition could prove to be a wish choice with a bit of time in between.

There are two types of dolls that are made by different companies. The most recently released dolls are the Twilight Barbie dolls. They are termed the Pink Label Barbie dolls by Mattel Toys to indicate their exclusivity as a collectible. At the moment they only make the Edward Barbie doll and the Bella Barbie doll. (and in case you were wondering, no Edward does not look like a Barbie doll, more like a Ken doll). These dolls are officially licensed as authentic merchandise of the Summit Entertainment  company. This means that some of the clothing and even the stand for the dolls has the Summit Entertainment logo or tag for authenticity (this helps for collectibles).

The Twilight Barbie dolls stand at around 12 inches. They have all the usual functions of a standard Barbie doll, such as bending legs and a head that can turn from side to side. The body is a hard plastic which is hollow.

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As with most special interest Barbie dolls, the face and clothing give the dolls their identity. The Edward and Bella dolls wear outfits that are similar to the clothing worn by the characters in the films. Other than the clothing, the faces bear similarities to the characters (or rather to the real life actors Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart). I think this is more the case for Edward as he is more striking. The Edward doll has pale white skin, a spiky brown hairstyle and hazel brown eyes. The Bella doll also has pale skin, long brown hair and green/brown colored eyes.

The other line of Twilight dolls are made by NECA. These dolls are smaller than the Barbie version. They stand at around 8 inches. These dolls are far more detailed but apparently do not bend at the knees. Although apparently there are 10 articulation points to these dolls (which are actually referred to as action figures, not sure what the difference is). So they must move at the arms, head and waist to say the least.

Probably the best part of the NECA Twilight dolls is that they produce a Jacob Black and Alice Cullen doll. So if you really want to collect a few Twilight dolls this might be for you. They are also a good deal cheaper than the Barbie dolls.

Check out the Barbie Twilight Bella Doll here - Bella is the female protagonist of the story. Her story of romance with a vampire has been hailed as a cultural phenomenon by some critics, mainly due to the huge following that the story has generated by word of mouth. And the ultimate sign that this character has made it is to be turned into a Barbie doll.

Check out the Barbie Twilight Edward doll here - Edward is the love interest...and a vampire. Oh well, true love never ran smoothly. Edward has also had the Barbie treatment.

The Barbie Twilight Jacob doll is the third Twilight character to be given the barbie treatment. Initial dolls had the distinctive tattoo upside down...sure to be a colectors dream in the future.

The Barbie Twilight Alice doll is coming out with the third movie, Twilight Saga: Eclipse. People have been asking for this doll for ages and it will soon be here. check it out by following the link.

The Barbie Twilight Victoria doll will also be released with the third twilight movie. she has her most important parts in this installment so it makes sense to bring here out for this movie. Check her out here.

The Barbie Twilight Jane doll is the latest character from the movies to become a Barbie doll. She is a fairly mysterious character that belongs to the all powerful Volturi Coven. She investigates the goings on in Seattle and Forks in the third move Twilight Eclipse.  

The Barbie Breaking Dawn Bella Doll is Bella in her gorgeous wedding dress from the Breaking Dawn wedding scene. Well it's not the actual wedding cress but a good copy as far as Barbie dolls go. This Bella doll is a great collectible for Twilight fans.  

The Barbie Breaking Dawn Edward Doll is obviously from the latest movie in the Twilight saga. This features Edward from the wedding scene....and he looks very smart too...even dashing for a Vampire.  

For a true collectors item, check out the Tonner Bella Swan doll and if you are really keen on Bella, how about the Tonner Bella's Birthday doll, that recreates the scene from New Moon down to the green dress and cardigan.  

Put the Tonner Edward Cullen doll beside Bella to create the perfect collectible couple from the movies. The Tonner dolls are dressed in outfits from the first movie in the series.

Robert Tonner must have really enjoyed the Twilight movie as he created quite a few of the other characters in his inimitable style. All are limited edition so you may have to look around for them but you can currently get the Tonner Jacob Black doll from New Moon.

The Tonner Alice Cullen doll is a cute looking doll that is sure to be popular. The Tonner Jasper Hale doll has just been released so that the soulmates can be together in distinctive and quite limited Tonner style

If you prefer the villains then you will find the Tonner Victoria doll and the Tonner James doll. Laurent has also been made but quite hard to find.     

Check out the Jacob Black Twilight action figure here - Jacob is not a main character but he has a main part in the New Moon movie. This action figure is a replica of Jacob form this movie.

Check out the Edward Cullen Twilight Action figure here - Edward the vampire as an action figure, made by NECA. Although he looks more like Robert Pattinson than Edward.

Check out the Bella Swan Twilight action figure here - Another collectible from NECA, a fairly good representation of Bella in the New Moon movie.

Check out the Alice Cullen Twilight action figure here - Alice has an important role in the New Moon movie. Her character is represented by this NECA action figure.

Take a look at this new action figure. The Jasper Cullen Twilight Action Figure is a new model of NECA action figure from the Twilight saga movies. Jasper is married to Alice and plays an important role in the new movie, Twilight Eclipse, coming out in the middle of 2010. Add Jasper from Twilight to your collection.

How about adding a few life size cut outs of the two male lead characters in the New Moon movie ? Check out the Edward and Jacob standup figures here. Great fun in photos.

Twilight Dolls Background

Twilight has been described as a cultural phenomenon. This is probably because so many people have responded to the story, and not just as a passing whimsy but as a full blown addiction. People love the story, love the characters and follow every development fanatically.

The books were written by Stephenie Meyer. There are currently 4 books, two have been made into films – Twilight and New Moon. Another book is currently in writing, and retells much of the story from Edward Cullen's perspective (the previous books where from Bella Swan's perspective).

They tell the story of a romance between a human girl and a vampire. Bella falls for Edward and much of the books detail this relationship and the difficulties that ensue. For instance, many vampires want to drink Bella's blood which puts her in extreme danger if she hangs around with Edward. And of course Vampire society frowns on the relationship too.

Other aspects of the books introduce werewolves to the storyline in the shape of Jacob Black and his family.

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