Barbie Twilight Jacob DollBarbie Twilight Jacob Doll

With the immense popularity of the second Twilight movie, New Moon, it was inevitable that a Barbie Twilight Jacob doll would be released. Jacob had a small role in the first movie, but has a very prominent role in New Moon. In the movie we get an insight into his feelings for Bella and more about his family. The movie details the confusion that Bella feels when Edward leaves and how Jacob helps her.

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The doll retails at $24.95. It is sure to be a popular toy or collectible doll given the success of the film and the affection that many fans of the movie hold for Jacob. Much of the promotion for the film was asking fans to choose between Edward and Jacob (much like Bella has to do). And many fans chose to side with Jacob. So for those fans of team Jacob, a Jacob doll is a chance to get something tangible.

The doll itself is thought to be modeled on the actor Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob in the movie. From the first pictures of the doll, it seems that they have made the face similar to Taylor's face. I guess the nose is the most obvious distinctive feature. It is a little snubby. The doll also has his dark, short cut hairstyle. There is a tattoo on his right shoulder. The outfit that comes with the Jacob doll seems a bit minimal. It has a pair of cut off jeans or shorts and sneakers. This is in keeping with his outfit in New Moon but there is not much to it. But maybe he will come with more when the doll in finally released.

The initial release of the doll had a very noticeable fault. The tattoo on his arm is printed upside down. Mattel have offered to send a replacement arm with the tattoo correct to anyone who purchased the doll with this fault. Although many people believe that the 'faulty' doll will be worth far more as a collectible in the long run.

The Jacob Barbie Doll will be the third Pink Label Barbie Twilight Dolls release after Edward and Bella

Background on Jacob Black.

Jacob Black features in all the books and movies in the Twilight series. He features most in the second and third books and has minor roles in the first and fourth. He is very different in the books to the character in the movie. For instance, he is described as being lanky and tall in the books but he is not that tall in the movies. This is mainly because he is played by Taylor Lautner who is not that big, although he put on lots of weight in order to take on the part but his height is not going to change that much.

His family and Bella Swan's family (father) are friends. He helps Bella settle into the Forks area when she first arrives and helps her out at school.

He is descended from Native American Quileute tribe. He is also referred to as a shapeshifter which allows him to change from human form to that of a werewolf.

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