Twilight Jasper Hale Tonner DollTwilight Jasper Hale Tonner Doll - Get Smitten, Not Bitten

All Twilight fans and Vampire lovers out there, we’ve got one treat for you.  Sure, he may not be as popular as the protagonist in the fictional series, Edward Cullen. Or have rock hard abs like Jacob Black. But Jasper Hale is one vampire that will surely leave you smitten, not bitten. He's the strong silent type..brooding, you could say, when it comes to vampires. So add the Twilight Jasper Hale Tonner Doll to your collection of Twilight dolls as it is sure to be a popular must have item for all the devotees and collectors of the Stephanie Meyer hit.

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Who is Jasper Hale?

To give you a little bit of insight on this character, not that die hard Twilight fans need any, that is, here is a brief backgound on Jasper Hale. Jasper Hale, actually born Jasper Whitlock in 1844, comes from Houston, Texas. 

Before turning into a vampire at the very young age of 19, he was actually a major in the Confederate Army.  That is probably why he is one of the very few to actually survive the Southern vampire wars.  He was used to lead an army of newborns to reclaim territory.  Manipulated and fooled by the very vampire who made him what he is today, he thought that Maria was his soulmate. 

He was blinded by her beauty and driven by his love for her. A vampire soul mate so to speak.  Then he finally met Alice, he one true eternal love, and became a part of the Cullen family.

Twilight Jasper Hale Tonner Doll

The Twilight Jasper Hale Tonner Doll looks just like the character from the film adaptation of the Twilight Saga played by actor Jackson Rathbone, except that this only comes up to 17 inches, that is.  Other than the height, this doll has the same pale white skin, the dark golden blond wavy hair, and the light hazel eyes.

You can see how much work and attention to detail the creators and designers of this doll put in to making it.  The face totally resembles what you see in the movies. This doll is even dressed like Jasper.  A black long sleeved button up polo paired with black wash jeans, and a black pair of shoes.  This doll is extremely well crafted, it even has a matching black belt complete with a silver buckle. He also wears a Cullen bracelet just like all the clan wear some kind of crested jewelry item.

This limited edition takes after the book and movie - it is an instant hit.  With only 1000 made world wide, the Twilight Jasper Hale Tonner Doll is going fast.  So you better hurry up and grab one today.